Who can vote in the Alumni Council election?

All Alumni Association members entitled to vote in Alumni Association elections shall generally vote by email. To vote online, we must register online. If you do not receive emails about our events and programs, we probably do not have your email address on file. You can add or delete your email address—or other information such as your street mailing address— (Link to update Alumni details)

Who can be a candidate in the election for Alumni Council member?

Generally, any member of the Alumni Association can seek to be a candidate in the Alumni Council election except Alumni relations office staff.

What is the process for candidacy?

Alumni Association members who are interested in being elected to Alumni Council in the upcoming election can first download a PDF of the Alumni Council Nomination Form. (Please note that an individual interested in being a candidate for Alumni Council may either be self-nominated or be nominated by a third party.)

Each nomination form should be complete and forwarded via email to the Alumni relations office on or before April 10 15, 2016. Nomination forms that are not completed in full by a nominee prior to the deadline will not be eligible to be considered by the Nominating Committee for inclusion on the election ballet.

Once received by the Alumni Association, the Nominating Committee will then review and evaluate all nominees based upon various criteria established by the Nominating Committee in order to determine which individuals shall stand for election.

The Nominating Committee will report a slate of candidates to the Alumni Council as soon as reasonably possible after its work is completed. All candidates will be notified, whether or not such individuals have been selected by the Nominating Committee to stand for election. For those individuals selected to stand for election, the Alumni Association staff will work with each candidate to procure biographical information, photos, and position statements for use on the election ballot.


Contact our Alumni relations team at BUITEMS or 0812-880432- Ext: 760.