BENISH KHUSHNOOD- BS Computer Engineering- 2003-07

Assistant Commissioner (Inland Revenue Service)

Life in terms of time is covered in milestones. For a successful person these milestones are those of achievements and distinctions. Keeping that in view my journey through time is classified as a success story by the grace of Almighty. That HE blessed me with distinction and a position that is sought after. I aspired for a distinctive academic career and didn’t hesitate to put in my best efforts in that. It is because of that hard work, prayers of my parents and above all Almighty’s mercy and favor upon me that I have been able to achieve my goals. In appreciation and thankfulness of the talents I was bestowed with I made every effort for their right utilization. It is because of that very eminence that I succeeded in securing one of top 20 positions in intermediate, was given scholarship in BS Computer Engineering batch Fall 2003-2007, was reckoned as best debater in school, college and university level; competing at various provincial and national level contests, was the president of debating society in school, received my first gold medal from ex-president Farooq Laghari, was an active sports person and was acknowledged among the most active students in school, college and university level.